Do you have a picture of your cutie wearing something from Pip-Squeak Bowtique? Email the picture to us and we'll include it in our photo gallery!
Clara and Josephine are wearing big, brown bows.
One with a crocheted headband and the other with a woven headband.

Two month old Ainsley is wearing a pink, crocheted band with a pink and red lollipop striped baby bow.

Look how big Ainsley has gotten!  Now a year old, wearing a basic bow in pink with brown dots.
Photo courtesy of Ashley Schrage Photography and used by permission.

Samantha is wearing a crocheted headband with a baby bow.

Molly is wearing a skinny, knit band with a layered baby bow.

Makenzie is wearing a brown with pink polka dots big bow on a pink, crocheted band and a pink and white baby bow.

Grace is wearing a custom basic bow, red with a Scottie resin, on a red crocheted band.

Peyton is wearing a pink, knit hat with a large, pink peony.

Lydia is wearing a pink knit hat with white curly ostrich.

Jillian is ready for Valentine's Day in her red, crocheted hat with a pink peony.

Sarah is wearing a 1/2" woven headband with a basic bow.

Marissa is wearing a layered star basic bow.
Natalie is wearing a custom 4th of July bow.
(See the bow in more detail on the Custom Creations page!)

Cora is wearing a custom Hawkeye bow made to match her cheerleading outfit.
Mady is wearing a basic bow.